Google Pixel Buds Review – Smart Wireless Headphones with Translator

Google Pixel Buds Review – Smart Wireless Headphones with Translator

One of the most interesting new products from Google this year is Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones with an original design, loud sound, high quality and smart functions. I had some time to check them out and here is my opinion.

Google Pixel Buds Review — Smart Wireless Headphones with Translator

Google Pixel Buds Design

Pixel Buds connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth rather than a 3.5mm audio jack, so they can be considered wireless headphones. However, they are connected to each other by a cable, unlike the completely wireless Apple AirPods or Bragi The Headphone.

The earbuds feel too big and don’t fit snugly in the ear. Although the adjustable contour helps the headset stay more firmly in the ear, the user does not leave the feeling that the headphones can fall out at any moment.

Google Pixel Buds design

Google Pixel Buds are available in three color options: Clearly White, Just Black and Kinda Blue.

Google Assistant and instant translation

The main advantage of Google Pixel Buds is the support for the smart assistant Google Assistant. Press and hold the right earbud to access the voice assistant. With it, you can quickly find out the weather forecast or route, turn on your favorite song, send a message or make a call to the necessary contact – almost everything that Google Assistant allows you to do on your smartphone works here.

Google Assistant and instant translation

Swipe left or right on the earpiece to increase or decrease the volume. Quick tap works like pause/play, but with an annoying 1-2 second delay.

Google Translate support provides instant translation in 40 languages. Hold down the right earbud, “ask” for help translating, and the Google Translate app will open on your Pixel 2 smartphone with a unique interface. Next, you need to press the earpiece again and say something in your native language – after that, the smartphone will voice the phrase in a foreign language. And vice versa: if you tap the icon on the Pixel 2 screen, the phone will start recording the speech, and you will hear the translation in the headphones.

Google Assistant and Instant Translation to Google Pixel Buds' width ='800

With simple phrases and sentences, the Google Pixel Buds translator does a good job, although some mistakes are inevitable. The problem with Google Translate is related to translating complex texts – especially names and titles.


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