Aprilia Tuono tips

Soon a buyer appeared for Fire and I parted with him (remembering only a kind word). With a sharp opening of the gas at speed, the stock
damper, steering wheel twitched for a fraction of a second and immediately again exactly. I replaced the stock mini-windshield with a higher one (Aprilia), it became much better to deal with the wind. The front brake is enough for the eyes. You get used to it quickly. It is very convenient to lean on the tank, up to 180 km the wind props you up and you can relax your shoulders on a straight line. Once again, I want to emphasize that, in my opinion, the mot must definitely like the look. I loosened the suspension a little, it got better but not by much. https://cars45.com/listing/audi/a6/2005 07/20/2015 It all started with the fact that while on a business trip, I accidentally ended up in a motorcycle dealership. Steering is easy and sure. I’m not used to the rear and don’t use it. By that time I was riding a 2004 Fire. I accelerated to 245 on the speedometer, then I stopped picking up the mot. In short, thoughts about straights already appeared in my head. But the very fact that there is a motorbike nearby that you like warms the soul. The element of this motorbike where it will reveal all its best qualities is a freeway with alternating straights and turns. The Street steering wheel seemed more comfortable than the Klipons, and the mot fell more willingly into a turn. My height is 188, with the growth below with the wind it will be easier. By that time I was riding a 2004 Fire. And I buy Tuono, as I wanted black and gray. I walked away from Mille with regret, because I didn’t see the point in changing sport to sport, but I simply didn’t want to get off Tuono. The bike is not wide, short-wheelbase and comfortable in the city.

Aprilia Tuono tips

It all started with the fact that while on a business trip, I accidentally ended up in a motorcycle dealership. I had seasons when I traveled very little. I was in my early 40s and I was already starting to think about switching from a liter sportbike to something softer in terms of suspension. And so I got into the salon and I immediately liked Millet and Tuono very much. The first speed is a little jerky, harsh, like all V-twins. High-class suspension, dense, knocked down, clearly holds the trajectory, is absolutely stable in the turn, goes like on rails, allowing you to carefully use the front brake even when leaning. Then it will blow off and you have to strain your hands. So, the conclusions over the years of operation. Now a comfortable speed is up to 160-180, after 200 you can drive for a short time but your neck gets tired. Very nice motifs in my opinion. I was a little over 40 and I already started. When driving very slowly, you help with the clutch (this happens on the machine when you get used to it). At the same time, on the advice of friends, I did not touch the factory suspension settings. A bike with a dry sump, which makes it possible to ride in the back with impunity, gets up easily from the gas, but I’m not fond of it. The ride is noticeably more comfortable than on a sportbike, although of course not enduro. You must really like it. Since then, the bike has given me a lot of positive and vivid emotions and I have never regretted my choice. He left home under a strong impression and began to rummage through the Internet and put Fire for sale.


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